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Sweep at 38/39 weeks (Also in Due in November)

Hi. I am booked in to have a sweep at 38+6 and wondered if anyone had any success stories or advice to help make it successful? This is my second baby so hoping that might make a difference but don't know if that's just wishful thinking! Thanks ladies.


  • Hiya, I've not had a sweep, but recently my friend had a sweep at 38+6, she was due to go in to get her waters broke at 39+6, but they went by themselves at 39+4 after a couple of days of early stages of labour, and her baby was born the next day! So it was successful for her, and it was her first.

    Sorry I don't have any advice to help you, but thought you would like o know it can be successful.

    Jo xx
  • Thanks a lot for your reply MummyJT. Fingers crossed it works as I have heard it is really uncomfortable to have it done, so nice to know that there is a chance it will work! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x
  • Hi, I had a sweep at 41+3. It's not painful as such, more uncomfortable. The biggest tip is to try to relax (I know that's hard) and breath steadily throughout it as if you tense it's more likely to hurt.

    I was already about 1cm dilated, my waters were 'bulging' and the midwife could touch my babys head (and told me they had lots of hair!)

    I had some twinges for the rest of the day (had it done in the morning), then they fizzled out. For the next coupe of days I had twinges on and off if I kept mobile (walking round the village and going on my gym ball).

    I ended up being induced at 41+5 (in the evening) and it only took one pessary and was pretty instant acting, so the midwife said the sweep must have done something, just unfortunately not got me all the way into labour. I had my son the following afternoon.

    Hope it all goes well for you, and please don't worry about the sweep, what you think it'll be like is more than likely to be worse than it actually is.

  • I had a sweep at 40+5 with my son and would second that it is more uncomfortable than painful. At that point I was gratful for any help to finally get things going! lol I was found to be 2cms dilated and fully effaced. My plug had been coming away for over a week by that point but after the sweep is was streaked with blood (sorry). That evening I started having contractions and my little boy was born 27hours later!

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks for all your replies ladies! Keeping positive all fingers and toes crossed! Good luck to you all! x
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