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Hi, Just wanted to post my experience for those who are anxious about requesting an elective section. I have had a previous emergency section and for several reasons did not want a vbac, I was dreading my request and expecting a fight but I was listened to and it was agreed without questioning etc. I struggled to find positive experiences before my visit so wanted to share for those who are very anxious such as me. Inka


  • glad you got what you wanted, hope all goes smoothly x

  • my C-section was a lovely experience aswell, I had to have an elective section as my partner has Osteogenisis Imperfecta, although i was nervous things went there own way in the end!! I was due in for section on the 7th of August, my babys due date was the 12th of August but I went into labour myself on the 30th July!! an emergency section then took place but it was fine!! The recovery was difficult, and I tried breastfeeding aswell.. very tough after a c-section. The doctor said I was so sore because I was very skinny and during my pregnancy i was all baby, the wound-on-wound then created alot of pain but i got through it with alot of help from my partner and family.

    If you are having an elective section just make sure you have everyone who is close to you around after the pregnancy- you really need the help, so you can be healthy and happy and in the right state of mind to look after baby image

    3months on, my scar is healed very nicely, sometimes it hurts a little when rubbed against different types of clothing but other than that i feel great. I did my postnatal exercises and everything I found them very important in tightening back up my stomach muscles.

    hope this is helpful image

  • I too have had an emergency section in 2009 followed by an elective section this year (2012). Although I would have loved to have had a VBAC with my second I didnt want to risk loosing my baby as nearlly happened in with my first child's birth! I have to say the eperts also didnt fight my decision and it was a great experience - however the recovery after a c-section I found hurrendous especially with a toddler to care for, my advice is accept all help you can get. Hope this helps anyone planning one in the near futureimage
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