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Pregnant 9 months after c-section

Hey ladies, I had an emergency c-section in September 2011. Healed really quickly, I think because we had to stay in for 8 days due to Ryan getting an infection, so I was basically on bed rest during that time!

Anyway, just got my second BFP this morning!! Ryan is actually 10 months today, but going from af I will be 4 weeks. Can I have some positive stories about pregnancies and vbac so soon after a c-section please?? Don't tell me bad things as I don't want to be worried!



  • I'm in a similar boat, i'm now 28 weeks pregant and baby will arrive when LO is 18 months. 

    The only advise I can offer really is to do some research and talk to lots of people so that you can make an informed descion. i now have ahuge list of questions for my midwife and consultant on my next visit.

    Bex x

  • Hiya Bex! Can i pick your brain then? image I know it's very early days for me but just curious - do they discuss your previous birth at booking in, and do you automatically go under a consultant because of the section?

    Have you decided if you want to try for a vbac? I'm so excited about doing this journey again - we really wanted a small age gap, and although we were trying we didn't expect it to happen so soon - almost straight away, so we're really lucky.

    How's your pregnancy been going?


  • can't answer the question but just wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS


    SB x

  • Thanks SB! Only just seen this, I normally get an email when someone replies to a thread but not for this apparently! So excited!!


  • Hi Tigerlily. Congratulations on your pregnancy. There is no evidence to say that having babies close together after a section is a problem. The scar is as healed as it will ever be by about 8 weeks. You do not have to see a consultant, you can have midwife led care and can birth where you chose, please bear that in mind when you decide where to deliver as consultants often want to give you a limited chance to birth naturally. The 'risk' of VBAC is a 0.5% chance of a scar rupture, most midwives and doctors never see it in their career. I find it odd that a VBAC is made to seem so risky by many as a cord prolapse, that can happen to anyone, has a 1% chance of occurring. But you do get classed as high risk. You should be offered a VBAC appt to discuss your previous birth and the pros and cons of vbac.

    I am 40 weeks today and planning a home water birth after a section 3 years ago. I have been supported all the way, although you do have to tell them what you want. My advice is do a lot of research and don't just assume you can't do something. Eg CFM has not been proven to prevent uterine or scar ruptures.

    There is an excellent Facebook page called VBAC support group UK with a lot of info and really recommend joining this closed group. Good luck with your birth!
  • Thanks Tashua. Had my booking in appointment today, and lucky enough to be having the head midwife for my antenatal care! She's booked me in with a good consultant (so she says!) who I won't see until after 28 weeks.

    She says as long as I have a normal pregnancy I might even be able to attempt the water birth I wanted last time, and if the consultant won't listen to me then she will be there to back me up! So very reassured and happy right now!

    Will definately have a look at that group though! Might have to wait til 12 weeks though as I don't want people finding out I'm pregnant by accident of FB!

    Good luck with your home water birth xxx

  • Great to hear she's supporting you. The FB group is a closed group so no one would know but know what you mean. X
  • congratualtions, i have a 18 months age gap and went for a vbac, i had an appt with the consultant at 14 and 36 weeks to discuss my option but this varies from trust to trust, vbac has very good success rates and the risk are very low, unfortunetly my baby was distreseds so i eneded up with a second emergency section (first was after failed forcepts and wound infection) but up until then i had a fab pregnancy and labour was progressing nicely

    good luck x 

  • how r u? how far r u ? is everything ok with ur pregnancy? bc my story is kinda like yours. my son is 11months now and im 9wks pregnant, this will b my sec c-section

  • Hiya ShelbyLynne. I am now 22 weeks, and going really well! The small gap hasn't even been mentioned at any of my mw appointments, so they mustn't see it as a problem. I am hoping to go for a VBAC, and have joined the facebook group mentioned in above post, which is really helpful and supportive, and my midwife has been supportive of that option too. Big congrats on your pregnancy, i've found out i'm having another little boy, which is lovely, and i think a small age gap between them will just be perfect.


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