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Induction after c-section @38wks

I had to be induced at full term in 2009 due to a stillbirth and so my body has been through labour and a birth before. I fell pregnant very quickly afterwards and had my daughter in 2010 via c-section as she was breech. I'm now 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and have been considering a VBAC, which would happen at 38wks as we don't want to risk going full term and the same thing happening again, but my consultant has obviously told me that it could be dangerous to induce a woman who has previously had a section.

I'm due to speak with my consultant tomorrow to plan the birth but I wondered if anyone had any stories of being induced early after previously having a section, and what the outcome was?

I'm kind of resigning myself to the fact that it would be easier just to have another section but with it being Xmas and having a toddler, recovery would be quite difficult.

Any thoughts?!

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