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Consultant apps - how many and when?

Hi all - I am pregnant for the 2nd time - had an emcs last time due to failure to progress nad sub optimal ctg. I would like a vbac in an ideal world. SO I had my booking in app on Thursday and mw said that depending on which consultant I ended up with I would have an app at either 20 weeks OR 36 weeks. . . .number 1 i absolutely do NOT want to wait until 36 weeks before even discussing it with anyone and number 2 I was always under the impression you would have one at the beginning to discuss options and then another one nearer the time to make a final decision? 




  • I'm still waiting for an appointment but I get the impression from the mw's that it will be after 20wk scan (I'll actually be 21wks at the scan). I wouldn't want to wait till I was 3wks either tho, I would keep pestering your mw's about it lol xx
  • I'm having consultant led care (2nd baby following emergency c-section) and have seen the Consultant (or a member of his team- registrar etc) at 11 wks, 22 wks, and 28wks. I will also be seeing him at 36 wks to discuss delivery. The consultant also hopes to be present at the birth (VBAC hopefully). Hope this helps x
  • I had a c-section last year and am now 17 weeks pregnant with number 2.  I have an appointment to see a consultant at 18 weeks.  I don't know if I will see him again during my pregnancy or not.

    I would be very unhappy having to wait until 36 weeks to see one!  And it shouldn't matter which consultant you are under, the standards of care should be the same!  Pester your midwife!!!!

  • Iam having my consultant appointment after my 20 week scan due to previous mc and ectopic, whats different in a consultant lead pregnancy ?? Just wondering what they will do or ask at this appointment ???

    This will be my first child x
  • Well went to the midwife today for my 16 week appointment and when it got brought up I mentioned how anxious I was about having to wait until 32 weeks - and she was great! She has rung up and booked me in herself for 20 weeks - and even said I can go and see her after if I want to talk it through with someone else.

    Very happy! Now to start thinking very seriously about what I want to do - VBAC vs ELCS - eek. 

  • I'll be seeing my consultant 2nd May when I'll be 14 weeks! I had to have an emcs with my first and 3 years ago I had a laparotomy so in effect I've had 2 cuts in the same place but I was hoping (I think) I'll be able to try for a vbac!! 

  • I still don't know what to do! Before I got pregnant I was dead set on trying for a VBAC. . . . .and now that I am pregnant. . . .I am not so sure lol!!!


  • I've just got an appt to see the consultant for when I'll be 25 weeks pregnant so not too bad I guess......I've asked for an elective c sec this time as the last cesearean was emergency under GA and I've been scarred for life! 

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