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would it work ? i tried myself to give my girlfriend this procedure but not too sure if it will set her labour off anytime soon...any advice ?


  • You shouldn't even try it at 34 weeks, the baby isn't fully developed yet.

    why are you trying to start labour?

  • Wow that's really dangerous! Risk of infection, not knowing how to do it properly etc and I agree with micro monkey, baby's not classed as full term till 37 weeks. your gf should talk to her midwife if there's a particular reason why she feels she doesn't want to carry much longer, but the longer baby bakes the better. I went to an interview at a neonatal unit today n the early babies were so tiny.....I'm at risk of prem birth so I'm doin everything I can to keep it in as long as poss! Good luck, your baby will b with u soon! but if she's havin probs just get her to call mw for help or advice image

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