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So can any1 tell me if I am in slow labour I have around 4weeks left b4 my due date I have had niggling pains like period pains for the last 3weeks bin losing my plug 4 around a week diohrea 4 the last 2days n now having little pains down below n like squeezing in my bum n in the bottom of my bk I have twinges this is my 5th baby my last birth was 20mins from start 2 finish no contractions just bk ach she was born in her waters she was that quick 


  • Sounds like it may be, specially if your bowels r havin a good ol' clear out, that's one if the first things i noticed n then lost my plug then had her. GL x

  • if your loosing your plug then your cervix is changing... if your loosing it everyday then they are changing everyday and labor is on its way!!! however if you lost it once then it doesnt mean much.

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