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My birth story

Hey girls! As you know i was admitted to hospital with pre-eclampsia last week- well hears my story after..

2 days before i was induced i was given 2 doses of gel to soften my cervix before i could head down to labour ward to have my waters broken, once they had broken my waters i had to wait 2 hours to see if labour would start by itself, at the end of the 2 hours i was contracting every 10 mins for 40 seconds, but wasnt enough so they started a hormone drip to get things going.

They started this around 6pm- after this i have no idea about time scales as things got intense very fast- or it seemed like it lol! Around 11.30pm she checked my cervix and was only 4cm and already struggling to keep control- even tho i was using the gas and air (which was awesome) so i decided to have a epidural, once the epidural was in and i was arranged on the bed they started the first dose (theres 3 in total till you dont feel anything)...after the first dose babys heartbeat started to dip so they layed me on my side, i was still using the gas and air at this point.

All i remeber after this point is getting the urge to push and couldnt help it (my fella said i sounded like a animal grunting haha)- the midwife didnt belive me as only 40mins before i was 4 cm dilated, but checked anyway just to be sure...and of course i was fully dilated! They didnt see the point in administering the rest of the epidural as i was coping with the first dose and gas and air, so i started to push- when it got the the part where baby crowns i just couldnt get up enough force to push babys head out so she had to peform a episiotomy ( a cut between vagina and bottom) and after one push babys head was born, followed after by babys body, the cord had been wrapped round his neak but he started to cry almost immediatly and was place straight on my chest. Nothing can EVER compare to that moment when you first look into your babys eyes! Even tho my labour was long and slightly tramatic it would do it all over again just to have that moment image Labour pain is a intense feeling and ill never forget it- i always wondered how i would know when im in labour...belive me you WILL know! I hope to think if my labour wasnt induced i could have coped without the epidural, as they say an induced labour is alot more intense and painful.

Joshua weighed 7lb 1oz and was born at 2.36am

Proudest moment of my life!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask and ill try to remember what i can image




  • Congratulations honey, he is beautiful! Well done! xx

  • Congrats sooo happy for you, all emotional now xx

  • Well done , he's is a beautiful boy , what a lovely story , many congratulations x x x x

  • congratulations the baby is so cute

  • I forgot to add that my labour was around 10-11 hours long from when they broke my waters to when joshua took his first breath, even though it seemed like 3 hours to me! The midwife taking care of me was fantastic! she was like a cheerleader, alongside my mum who supported me the whole way! My partner arrived at about 10.45 as he was working and we thought we'd have longer, but had to call him to come as things started to move fairly quickly image

    thankyou for the kind comments

  • That's good going for a 1st labour , it seems to go in a flash looking back on it doesn't it but an eternity at the time , you will never forget the moment you first looked into those gorgeous eyes , I have four n remember every detail(well.. pretty much ) of their labours n they do get easier the more you have image although I suppose that is the last thing on your mind at the minute , take it easy hun n rest as much as you can x x x

  • Beautiful story, beautiful baby!! Thankyou for sharing it with us!!

    I was induced with my first and also had the epidural when I had the drip (no contractions before the drip) and I agree way more intense/painful/harder to cope with!! You did a wonderful job and you should be proud of yourself!! xx

  • Congratulations!

    That is super fast for a first labour and especially an induction!  Well done x

  • Congrats!

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