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VBAC stories anyone?

Hi All

I am almost 32 weeks pregnant with second child who was born by emcs due to me only progressing to 6cm after 23 hours.

Up until now I have felt pretty sure i want to give VBAC a go however all of a sudden i'm panicing a bit.

I just cant imagine it been straight forward and in my head i'm convinced it is just going to end up with the same outcome.

If i'm honest i'm absolutely petrified of both CS and VBAC and i just dont know what to do for the best.

Does anyone have any advice or VBAC stories?




  • Have not got any advice I am afraid but Wanted to say I totally get what u are saying.

    I am 37 weeks and was pretty certain I wanted  vbac after emc for failure to progress but now am wavering. I have booked a midwife appointment to talk to them see if they can help at all.


    hope u mange to get some help or advice that puts your mind at rest. 

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