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C-section was had

Started labour (every 5/7 mins 7am) rang hospital as needed iv anti bios due to Strep B. Told to go in, was there at 10am and monitored...contractions now every 5 mins but only 1cm dilated. Got a bed, had lunch, went for a long (around the hospital) walk with hubby and they were every 2-3mins, went back in 3pm mw concerned enough to now get canula in and thought it would be too late!! About 5/6pm before getting canula in, moving me to labour room and getting anti bios in!! Was told I was about 8-9cms dilated...not long now!! 8pm felt like pushing (end of the line)! Mw checked couldn't feel babys head, only membranes bulging, had scan head ok, where it should be, dr popped my waters but helped them come out so the cord didn't come down too 9pm. Then was told I was only 5-6cms dilated (what a let down), by this time I was dehydrated and my temp was starting to go up and the baby's heartrate was all over the place, my contractions were not regular though...back to back...short gap...long gap! Another dr checked for baby's head...couldn't feel it, feet in stirrups, still only 5-6cms dilated 10pm. 2 lots of anti bios, 2 lots of saline, dr in and out checked head again about 12am still couldn't reach it!! Then due to not being able to take a sample of blood from baby's head to discern how distressed she was, my heart rate, bp, and temp were all over the place and emergency c-section was advised and accepted. 1:51am she arrived!!


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