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Hi everyone I have been really suffering with hip pain in pregnancy and as result I will be having a c-section. I am booked in for the 19th December and will be 37 weeks plus 2. I am quite anxious about the whole thingbut excited to have bubs before Christmas. Can anyone put my mind at rest with regards to c-sections? This will be my first baby. X


  • Oh wow how exciting what an amazing present. As long as you've got friends and family around to help u will b fine, take the weight off n let ppl run around after u this Xmas. I've read after the epidural u don't feel much apart from a tugging sensation. Think the recovery time varies but as it's ur first at least u don't have a little one to run around after already. Congrats Xmas will b so special for u this year image xx

  • Ahh thanks hun. I never even imagined having him before Christmas, its quite scary to think in 7 weeks I will be a mum but cant wait. Am just hoping the recovery isnt too bad. how is everything going for you? Ive also been told I have to go in for growth scans because I have been in twice for reduced movement but am hoping thats nothing to worry about. Have you thought of names yet?x

  • Awwwwww he will be just fine. Yeah I'm good ta still waiting for my 3rd midwife appointment hoping they'll finally measure my fundal height so I know if I'm measuring right as I feel so small. Then it's the big one at 30 weeks to see how much longer they think I'll carry for. Just want her here now x

  • I know its so tough, feels like its going so slowly now. When is your next midwife appointment? Must only be a few weeks till your 30 weeks now. At least you know that if you have her soon she will be fine now! X

  • I'll b 28+5 I'm 25+3 at the mo so not long to go xx

  • Not long at all!! image x

  • Hi,

    The recovery time really varies from woman to woman and it depends an awful lot on how well you were beforehand and whether you laboured for 36 hours (which I did image )

    Generally elective sections are a lot calmer and you will recover sooner.  

    You will absolutely have one job in the first few weeks which is feeding baby and NOTHING else.  If you attempt to do anything else it will make the recovery take longer.  So leave all housework, let DH change baby etc and cook.  Really do accept help as it soon disappears after the first couple of weeks.

    Take lots of large granny pants into hospital and have loose clothes such as leggings or high top trousers which won't rub your scar as this can encourage infection.  Drink plenty of fluids and rest whenever baby does.

    Resting includes not being in too much pain.  So you need to take the pain relief they give you when you need it.  NSAIDs such as diclofenac build in your system and they work better the more you take them.  You will likely be given oramorph in hospital for the frst 24-48 hours and will be sent home with diclofenac and co-codamol or paracetamol and codeine separately.  Take them as long as you need the support.  You can also ask for a repeat from your GP when at home if you run out.

    I really regret not knowing how to move afterwards so make sure the hospital tell you how to gently get out of bed which is usually to lay onto your side and gradually sit up.

    I am sure it will be a positive experience but you have to look after yourself.

    As for the surgery you are entirely numb from the waist down (or from the chest down if it is a spinal block).  You do feel tugging around but it isn't painful, just uncomfortable.  Afterwards you will be tender inside and the scar might sting a little at first.  You will have a dressing over disolvable stitches but each hospital does things a little differently.  The giant plaster comes off at 5 days after.

    At our hospital you also have to have daily fragmin injections to prevent against DVT.  They will teach you how to administer these in hospital and then once at home you do them yourself (or ask hubby if he is brave - mine was not! lol) Some hospitals may not do this though.

    Protect your scar when coughing, sneezing, laughing for the first few weeks by pressing on it to keep it supported.  

    When you breastfeed your womb contracts as your body releases the oxytocin.  This is by design and is healthy for you but obviously with a section it can hurt.  I found mine settled after 2 days.  

    So I have tried to remember as much as I can for you. image

    Ask as much as you like from your midwife or consultant prior to the surgery.  Foods such as oats and milk are great for energy after recovery and good for breastfeeding too. (It can be tricky getting the milk to come after a section).  We found the rugby ball position helpful initially.  I breastfed but I was initially so ill (not c section related!) that we gave DS a bottle once a day as this allowed me to recover and keep some energy for me!  As soon as we did this the recovery sped up.  But my boy was 8lbs15 and very hungry!

    I really wish you all the best. Ask anything else if you like. Look forward to seeing those baby blues soon x

  • Ah thats a brilliant insight thanks ever so much. Will be reading that several times between now and then as it really is useful to have this to go by. Cant wait to be a mum before christmas. Hope you are well!xx

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