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out come of claray sage oil

what i put in my description


  • i genualy thnk dates wrong too i fimk i more nealy 37week tbh
  • i really would not use it at 33wks!! i tried it and i did get braxton hicks but that was all. no labor.

    also with my second baby i was measuring really big. i was scared about having a big baby. im a small girl... 5'2, was 8stone before getting pregnant... and also i had jsut turned 21. so my midwife said i would not have a big baby. i went into labor, the pain was real bad, worse than with my first... anyways.... i pushed out a very healthy 9lbs 12.5oz baby boy!! my midwife told me your body will never make a baby that is too big for it to deliver. so dont worry that you look big, your body is deisnged to do this! it knows what its doing

  • lol it my 4th n biggr they are the easier i think as my first was 5-11 was hard n nothin but probs n my 3 was so easy as 3hr n 10 min pushn i think dates are wrong tho with this 4 tho so were thy sayn 33 tmz i say more 35+ bby defo wel growth too but no concernin
  • my 3 was 8-11 in weight
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