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am i in slow labour?

hi ladies. im currently 36 weeks pregnant, baby is head down and engaged (not sure how much now). its currently 3:30pm here. ive been awake since 4:30am with back ache and period pains. i got up walked around thinking it was braxton hicks.. it was still there. very dull ache in my back and cramps which turned into diarrohea cramping. nothing regular. anyway i had a hot bath at about 6:30am. back was still hurting. i got out and got on my ball. still cramping and bad back ache. so its now 3:30am and i STILL have this horrible back pain. i cant get comfortable and i cant get rid of it. the pain is getting stronger but i wouldnt say more regular. i just get bad diarrohea cramps like i need to go but i dont. ive not had my show or anything so i just assumed it was braxton hicks. isnt 11 hours too long for braxton hicks? it is really painful. constant dull ache in my back then it will go really painful and then back to a dull ache. i just want it to either stop or get worse. image 


  • Yes Braxton hicks should be no more than two in one hour and should go if you move around if it was me I'd call your mw
  • How did you get on? You feeling ok now?x
  • Good luck chick x

  • I've been having bad pains for 2 weeks now. They've been getting worse over the past couple of days and I haven't slept for 3 days because of them. I keep go betting bad period pains every 20 minutes and back pains and shooting pains down there. I rang the midwife and she said I could be in slow labour. What does this mean??
  • That you could be having baby anytime soon. She should of told you to come in so she could check you over. How far are you x
  • She said not to ring again until I'm having contractions 3 minutes apart but I live an hour from the hospital and only have my partner for transport who works 60 hours a week. I'm 37+1 x
  • How often you getting them?

    Bit of a awkward situation if your an hour away from the Hospital :/ if they start getting closer like 5/6 mins apart i would then go to the Hospital. Have you rung the labour ward though to see what they say?

    When i was in labour they sent me back three times and the third time they was daft to because soon as i got home they was all the time! X
  • I'm getting them every 10 minutes now. I spoke to the labour ward and they said there's no point me going in because they won't even check me over. They said just to have a bath and rest. I've done that and nothing's changed x
  • Have your waters gone at all?

    Mine went first on the fri night, on the sat i had no contractions all day until the evening. What helped mine was walking for a couple hours just round shops etc, hot bath and then i started bouncing on birth ball. Then thats when they started. Try get some rest though as well as your gone need it. Hope things hurry up soon x
  • They haven't gone yet. I live on the third floor so I'm getting plenty of exercise. It's just so uncomfortable image really needs to hurry up!! X
  • You could try sex then if your waters havent gone yet. That helps some people x
  • I've tried that, I've tried walking about, I've tried raspberry leaf tea, he really doesn't wanna come out hahaha x
  • Pineapple? But they reckon you need to eat loads.

    Have you tried walking up the stairs sideways? Thats meant to help. What are your contractions like now x
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