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VBAC and Being Induced

I have been told at my first antenatal appointment that they can't induce me as I have had a previous C-Section, what they want to do is a deep stretch and sweep when I become a week overdue and try break my waters. I don't like this idea, my plan was to not be induced this time in anyway and just keep the pregnancy going with monitoring.

The way I see it is that once they have broke my waters, how long have I got until they say I need a C-Section if nothing happens.

So was just wondering if there are any other VBAC mummies out there that went against hospital policy, what they did, where they got their information from, and are they glad they done it?

I am already getting them to pull strings by letting me birth in a birthing pool at a low risk centre (it is in the same hospital as the high risk ward, so not actually that risky), anyone else have water birth after C-Section?


Thank you


  • Hi hun, haven't had the VBAC bit but have a had a non-medical induction. When they say it's like an S and S it is, but it's not, it's much more than that, they really go for it! It hurts a bit, but nothing compared to Labour, there are not that my midwives who will do it, so I think they're really trying to help you get your waterbirth. It started my Labour immediately even though I was only 33 weeks so if you are near term should get you a good result good luck x x 

  • Thank you, I had S&S last time, just a normal one, 3 lots of hormone tablets and then the drip and nothing worked except the drip but for some reason my daughters heart rate kept dropping and they had to turn it down, then the dr turned it up, went on like this all night till her heart rate plummeted and they rushed me into theater. I was in hospital for 4 days being induced, was so tired and in pain from their hard beds. I am just worried about being in that position again as I would rather be at home then labor as naturally as possible.

    I must admit so far the hospital seems to be working with me, which was another of my concerns as last time I found them bossy and rude, I was only 19 when I had my first child, 10 years on I am slightly more wiser and able to speak up for myself. x

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