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induction help please!

I have to be induced at 37/38 weeks as i have a cancer diagnosis and they need to get on with the surgery and treatment involved - a highly emotional time as you can questions are - how long do you stay in hosp after an induced birth, what weight were your babies at 37/38 weeks and really i need some kind of reassurance that it will somehow be ok?!!


  • Hi. I cant imagine what you are going through. My first was a induction at 40+4, even at 37/38 weeks a straight forward induced labour should only be 1 night so long as you and baby ok. How many weeks are you now x
  • hi thanks for reply, I am 32 weeks right now and I thought 38 weeks sounded reasonable....just want to avoid caesarean and know induc is more risky but as this is my third child they seem to think it will all go to to see consultants again Friday so maybe I can quiz them more then!

  • I had a pessary at 3pm and delivered at 1am after 1 pessary and no drip. Did end up with intervention as they didnt realise he was back to back so heart rate was playing up and he wasnt decending as well as expected. Still recovery was quicker than a section x
  • It sounds like a horrendous time for you Hayley, so sorry that you are going through such a stressful time, I've been induced twice, one medical with the drip and one non-medical which is a bit like a super s and s. Non-medical was better, less painful and that was at 34 ish weeks and was still fine. Stayed in only 6 hours each time.

    Good luck x x x

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