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ECV and breech babies

Hi ladies,

I had a scan on Friday and they've discovered that my little boy is breech. They've given me the option of having an ECV and I booked my appointment for Tuesday. I was pretty positive about it yesterday but now I'm not sure. There are risks and prior say that ecv can cause birth problems,stillbirth or there were cases where the babies died days after they were born. I'm scared now and thinking about canceling my appointment. I'm trying some home remedies like moxi sticks, cold peas,etc ...


What would you guys recommend? I really didn't want a c section but I might go for it just because I'm scared that the ecv will cause damage to my baby.




  • Judy huni i say go with what you feel is right for you, i had no idea about the risks so i thank you just incase harry is breached i know to say get knotted and il pick a c - section xxxxxxx if u wanna chat txt me huni xx

  • I was going to go for the ecv, I weighed up the pros and cons and they assured me it's relatively safe but I couldn't have it done as she was feet first. Tried everything to get her head down but it didn't work.  Really didn't want a c sec n had a horrendously long recovery but that was cuz they bodged my op, Ive heard  loads if positive c sec stories. GL with whatever u decide xx

  • I was in the same position as you about 10 days before my first was due. Was desperate for a natural birth and hated the idea of a c-section so decided to go for the ECV. However I then became concerned about the stress that my baby might go through whilst being turned and decided that it wasn't fair to put my baby through unnecessary stress just so that I could try to have the birth that I had planned. I opted for the c-section and I believe that it was the best decision for both of us. It was such a positive experience that I elected to have my second by c-section although she wasn't breech! Go with whatever you feel is right for you and your baby x

  • Hi ladies,

    Thanks for your advice! I had my appointment today and refused the ecv,much to the doctor's disappointment. She wasn't happy when I said no after she'd scanned me. We decided to wait and see what happens so hopefully he will turn by the time I see the midwife again next week. Otherwise I'm go for a c section. I'm gutted because I waited so long to have a baby and wanted to experience labour and everything that comes with it. But obviously this is meant to be and I just decided that obviously or little boy is happy where he is and all this is happening for a reason.


  • That's how I felt towards the end hun, as long as baby gets here safe that's all that matters. Good luck! X

  • Hey ladies,

    Little one is still breech (couldn't be more breech ha ha) so I've been booked in for a c section next week. Eeeek, it's all exciting and very scary at the same time xx

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