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37 weeks and starting count down anyone want to join

37 weeks tomorrow and starting my count down if anyone wants to join me. How's everyone feeling? Any signs? Tmi warning have had loose bowels for the last two nights and awful increase in cervix pain for the last three days. Absolutely no appetite and feel very sick. My boys came at 40 weeks and 40 +10 and remember from before that each Labour start ed very differently. days of Stops and starts for my first, and a 24 hr build up for my second


  • Hi. I'm 37+6. My son came at term +4. My waters went with him and i slowly built up my labour over the next 24 hours. I'm starting to get impatient now. Would like her to come ASAP as don't have much mat leave!


  • Hi! I can't wait till baby get here I am a full time mum as have a 3 yr old and 5 yr old and can't wait so I can have an excuse to sit down and just stop. Ie feeding the baby.

    We don't have a car and my sons school is a good 30 min walk both ways. Down a massive hill! After yesterdays walk I feel like I've had my legs strapped in a vice wide open all night. So painful today. And another school run to do this am ( oh is doing the pm one) and I have to get across town for the midwife tomorrow which adds another hill and turns the walk into at least an hr or as fast as a pregnant women penguin plods!!
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