Membrane Sweep

HI ladies

i am just wondering if anyone has any experience with this one.

so I am 40 weeks with my first baby on Monday 9th March and have been booked in by my midwife for a sweep at 14:40 that afternoon, can anyone tell me weather they had a sweep and if so was this successful? and how long after did labour start?

only reason I am asking is I really want labour to start without having to be induced, thanks everyone xxx


  • When i was pregnant with my two kids, I was in the same boat as you - both my kids were late - one 10 days the other 11 days - i had loads of sweeps (With my first, they didn't hurt a bit - with my second child they hurt, I passed the most horrendous mucus plug, but no baby!) none which kicked my body into action - however, and i find this kind of strange, but on both the dates I was due to be induced, the babies came naturally. I'm wondering if my body just kicked into gear as it knew this was it whether i liked it or not?

    Anyhow, rest assured within the next 10 days or so, you're going to be holding your baby - show us a pic once he or she is born! Let us know how you got on and good luck hon x

  • Hi Chez,

    I had a sweep with my 1st at 40+2 & my daughter arrived less than 30 hours after at 40+4. With my son I wanted a homebirth & because there is a small possibility that a membrane sweep can break your waters (if my labour didn't start soon after can result in a medicalised birth) so I left my son to decide when he was going to come & that was at 41+6.

    From the research I've done the results of a stretch & sweep in individuals hugely differs. I think it can help if your baby is ready to come but I don't think it actually does anything. With my 1st it was comfortable but not painful but I bled a lot so take some maternity pads with you.

    I just wanted to add that you don't have to be induced. It is a medical procedure that is offered to woman when they go 'overdue' but you don't have to do it. For me I put in my birth plan that I wouldn't consider myself to be overdue until I was 42 weeks pregnant & at that stage I would've opted for monitoring where you go into hospital to get a scan of the placenta & to check fluid levels. No one can force you to have your baby early. For me I had an appointment booked for 42 weeks for my 1st monitoring visit but my baby arrived a day before that (once my crazy midwife had been taken off my case & taken away the stress of pushing me towards a medicalised birth that I didn't want or need).

    Good luck but remember your birth, your choice. You don't have to have a sweep either. Hope you're not feeling too uncomfortable.

  • Hi 

    thank you both for your replies I wasn't even notified that anyone had replied which is why I haven't replied sooner never mind, well it will be 48 hours this afternoon since my sweep and nothing seems to be happening yet ive passed horrible mucus sorry if TMI severbal times and also had a little bit of bleeding which I have been told is normal.

    i am just starting go get myself down now as I feel like everyone is having there babies before me and they are either due after me or at the same tone its just so frustrating and upsetting.

    i have been booked in for induction on the 16th March and I am trying everything to get going before then, if anyone has any tips anout getting labour started I would love to know what they are??

    i will let you know if anything changes and of course i wI'll send a picture.

    thanks ladies xxx 

  • Hi,

    The mucusy stuff sounds like your plug which is a good sign, although it doesn't actually signify a length of time till labour starts. Try not to feel down about your baby nor arriving yet. Remember due dates are not exact, it's more like a due month with at least 2 weeks either side. I completely understand how you're feeling as I knew a few people who were due after me whose babies arrived before mine. Try to think positive - that your baby is in a perfect place to continue to grow & develop.

    There are some natural ways that might help bring your baby closer to labour but at the end of the day they will come when they are ready to & trying to speed them up before they're ready to arrive (I talking about medical interventions) can mean that you have a harder time getting them out as your body won't be producing all the right hormones to help your baby to begin their descent. It's all about producing oxytocin. Things like going for a long walk, sex, bouncing on a birth ball 'can' help bring on labour but only if your baby is ready to come.

    Try to keep yourself busy and organise at least 1 thing every day if that's just going for a walk, reading a book, watching a film, getting the last things ready for your baby, meeting a friend for lunch. Hopefully this will stop you feeling as if you're waiting.

    Again remember that, unless there are medical reasons you don't have to be induced just because your baby hasn't arrived by a certain date. In France a women isn't considered overdue until they are 43 weeks pregnant & there are plenty of women who are pregnant for 10 months. There really is no set number of days that every lady is pregnant for. & however much it feels like it (I know as I remember feeling it to) you won't be pregnant forever. Your baby will come when they are ready to be born. Try to relax & enjoy these days that you can constantly carry your baby inside you x x

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