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***sue's birth story***


Hi everyone - thought it would be a good idea to get my birth story down before I forget any details. As you may know I was booked in for an elective c-section due to a low lying placenta. 

I was very emotional as I kissed my 4 year old goodbye and left her with oma and opa and went to the hospital with my husband. My worst thought was what if something goes wrong and she never sees me again. When you already have one child I think it changes everything and makes you think about a lot of different things. 

Anyway -arrived to the labour ward and it was really busy.   I was finally given a room  and asked to put on the theatre gown,  got put on a drip (as it was 2pm and i'd been fasting since midnight so was starving) and a very nice midwife shaved my lady bits. This was mortifying but there was no way I could have done it myself in late pregnancy:((.

my h and I tried to chill but could hear the other ladies screaming and shouting and then usually a baby crying so it was a little distracting! About 40 mins later I was wheeled into theatre and then walked to the operating table where I had to sit hunched over and gotthe spinal tap put in. It took them 3 azttempts as I am petite and there wasnt a lot of room between  the vertebrae.  However finally it was in,I was laid back and in no time the screen was up, my h beside me and I was feeling nothing.  After a lot of tugging we heard my daughters cry and she was brought around to be shown to us. She was gorgeous and small (6.2lbs and 49 cms).  she was taken off for a check up and then was laid on my chest in a kind of sling while they sewed me back up.

Back in recovery  after about 2 hours I started to feel pain so was put on a drip. However this made me sick and dizzy and I'm telling you, the pain of getting sick after a c-section is the worst ever.  I was wheeled up to the normal ward,managed to say hi to the nurse and then promptly threw up everywhere. Delightful.....

anyway...breastfeeding started well and continues to be perfect...we are home a week today and are in love with our new addition to the family.  Little sue is proving to be a fantastic big sister,always singing songs and giving out to me and my h for not being quiet enough or not giving her another blanket.

I am healing well,am exhausted but happy!!! Thanks for reading xxx Sue 


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