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**Ducky's double birth story**

Twins' birth story.

May as well write this whilst it's fresh and I have nothing else to do whilst doing my best Daisy the Cow impression on the breast pump!

Sunday 6th July:
After dinner I had a sudden, gushing bleed so we called in and headed straight to delivery suite to be checked out. Bleeding seemed to settle as quickly as it started but a speculum exam showed I was 1cm dilated and they could see the first babies' membrane. I was kept in overnight to monitor bleeding and babies. I was also given steroids in case I was going into labour.

Monday 7th July:
I was moved to Cley antenatal ward in the afternoon for continued observation. Mostly to make sure babies were happy, I wasn't contracting and had no more bleeding other than light spotting.

Tuesday 8th July:
Still on Cley ward for observation. I had a scan to check babies' growth and placenta function - all seemed fine. An internal scan showed I was 2.5cm dilated. The consultants decided that if all was still settled in the morning I could go home and come back if anything changed.

Wednesday 9th July (about midnight):
I was fast asleep with a pillow between my knees and all of a sudden felt this lovely warm wetness flood between my legs. It kept coming and coming and I just laid there! I eventually stood up and more waters went on the floor, I went to get the midwife to tell her. I went on the monitor to check babies were happy and then told to get more sleep. From this point on, I was a leaking tap. It just kept coming!

8am - I saw my consultant again and he had a new plan of keeping me in and starting antibiotics to prevent infection so babies can stay inside a bit longer.

9am - Mr Ducky turns up. I don't fancy breakfast but have some toast and grapes. Babies happy on the monitor again.

10.30 - Mr Ducky fancies a cooked breakfast so we go to the canteen to get him one. I am convinced I'm going to leave waters wherever I go! During breakfast, I have a couple of period type cramps that make me wince a bit.

1pm - Period cramps seem to have become annoyingly frequent and constant, more here than gone, but they don't come in waves with that break in between - so assume I'm just being a pansy. I can breathe and chat through them but I ask for paracetamol anyway.

1.30 - Get the paracetamol. Tell the midwife I feel a bit uncomfortable and don't want to sit still for the monitor. She decides to send me over to delivery as I'm 31 weeks, carrying twins, at least 2.5cm dilated, waters have gone and now I'm having pains. I ticked a lot of boxes that suggest something was happening.

2.30 - I was shown to a high risk delivery room - it was huge with a sofa! The midwife told me I was NOT in active labour as I was still talking to her. Hmmmm. I had a bit of a cry and a panic because I was really uncomfy and not even in real labour yet. I panicked wondering how bad real labour was going to be.

2.45 - I go for yet another wee and I feel membranes bulging at the entrance to my lady parts. These 'go' when I stand up again. I feel different after this like I am going to a wet myself at any minute. I can't put my finger on it but I knew I NEEDED someone to check what was happening down there.

2.46 - I ask if someone can just examine me and see if something is happening or if I am still being a pansy as it hurts a bit. MW won't exam me as I'm less than 37 weeks. I lied and said I needed to poo so someone would examine me. My consultant and his


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