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How did your labour start?



  • Blackcat - even the midwife the next morning said 'f**k me' at the mess! Floor & everything. They used a Hoover type thing during c-section on me lol

  • My waters went when I stood up to make a cuppa ready for pointless. The contractions just sort of came and went for 36 hours though so I was induced. I was already 3-4cm so straight on the drip at 3pm. At midnight I started pushing and he was born at 1.53am. I had spent a lot of time reassuring my H that it was rarer for labours to start with waters going and it was mainly in films so he was quite surprised to get the "darling, my waters have gone" call at work!

  • Had a sweep lunchtime Friday and they said my cervix wasn't favourable. Nothing all day Saturday, except for mild period cramps Saturday evening. Started losing my plug gradually throughout the day on Sunday and waters broke (very gently) at about 10.30pm Sunday night (my due date). Contractions started around 4am, so, like Barefoot, I washed and straightened my hair! Went into hospital around 6.30am but they sent me home around 9.30. Back in around 12.30 in unbearable pain and she was born at 4.38pm.

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