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Start of labour

I wonder if anyone can help me I am nearly 31 weeks pregnant with my first child about 2 weeks ago I went into hospital because I was having pains they did  and told me I could go into early labour anyway the pains stopped and I went home. I have been on iron tablets for 2 weeks now and finished them yesterday but today i have had a really upset tummy and pains in my belly like belly ache and a few sharp pains I didn't know wether this could be the start of labour or the  iron tablets, just generally an upset stomach or all the vegtables i ate yesterday. 


  • Hello, Louisa973. Poor you, it's no fun having an upset stomach at the best of times!

    Are you still getting the pains now? Or have things calmed down a bit?

  • I'm 29 weeks 2 days with 3rd baby I've been having back ace and pain in my lower abdomen for a weeks now I'm not sure if it means early labour is about to take place I've seen my midwife she thinks its fine nothing to worry about but every pregnancy is different I've never had this before it's like Menstrual cramping.

  • Hello Thornmummy2be. Sorry to hear the backache and pains are making you worry about early labour. Are you still getting them?

  • I have had similar pains like you ladies.. I would always get upset stomach pains after eating or drinking allot of things from 27 weeks onwards. I also experienced cramping allot through most of my pregnancy apart from early stage. I am now 37+ 6 weeks pregnant and still get the bad stomach and cramps wouldn't worry too much, if you feel pain out of the ordinary then contact your midwife! Hope this helps abit! I was the same kept thinking the worst!

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