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Vaginal delivery after 4th degree tear!!!

Hi there,

this one is for any mummies out there that have previously suffered a 4th degree tear.

i did 7 years ago but have recently discovered I'm pregnant again and due in July.

Im petrified at the thought of a c section and I would much prefer a vaginal delivery again. I did not have any complications afterwards and everything healed as it should have and nothing has shown cause for concern since. I was just told back then that I would be advised to have a c section if I had any future pregnancies.

i still to this day do not know what caused the tear.

i laboured for 4 hours start to finish and pushed for all of 15 minutes and from what I can remember my son was back to back. I may be wrong ... I was very tired!!

now I would like to know if anyone has had a vaginal delivery after this sort of tear and if so how well did it go? 

just need help putting my mind at ease and for someone to say I will be fine! I'm freakin out here!!!

thankyou gals xxxx

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