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Is this actually labour?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently 39 weeks & 2 days pregnant, for the last week or so I've been experiencing BH at night which have a decent pattern then go away over night, I have also lost my musuc plug over the last 3 days. Tonight at about 5:30pm I started getting tightenings every 15-20 mins again but didn't think anything of it, to see it if would help kick things along my hubby and I had sex at about 8pm. Since then I've been having stronger pains lasting about 40 seconds & about 7 mins apart. The tightening is in my back and around my stomach but I'm just not convinced this is actually it! After all my BH I just don't want to get ahead of myself! What do you think?


  • Ooh, that does sound promising MrsRS!

    Have they got any closer together or more intense since you first posted?

  • Hi it certainly sounds like a possibility!  Your post was written a few hours ago so hopefully you may have had continuing contractions and know whether baby on its way,  how exciting for you! 😁 x 

  • Thanks for your replies! 

    I continued with this pattern for another 3 hours or so before everything completely stopped...😭 I woke up during the night and went to the toilet to have 2 more tightening but since then, absolutely nothing.

    I'm trying not to get discouraged but it's so hard when this happens 😭😭 hopefully it just means baby is close

  • Certainly sounds like you're gearing up for the event!  😄

  • How are you doing today, MrsRS?

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