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Husband worried about labour

hi everyone 

I'm 36 weeks pregnant with twins, if I don't go into labour myself, my consultant has said I will be induced at 38 weeks so not long to go. I'm feeling quite calm about the birth, both babies are head down so it looks like it will be a vaginal birth. My husband on the other hand is really quite anxious he says he's worried my waters will break and we will have to dramamtically rush to the hospital, I have reminded him that labour isn't that quick and we can calmy make our way to the there, we don't have to stress. He says he would feel better just knowing when they are coming. He also says he's worried he won't do well with me being in pain, I have so much faith in him I know that when the time comes he will be as amazing and supportive as he has been through this pregnancy I just want to reassure him that everything will be fine. Anyone else's other half freaking out a bit? Any advice to put his mind at ease? 

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