Second baby breech at 35 weeks will they scan me day of section


Im 35 weeks pregnant with second son went to mw on Tues who said she's 50/50 sure he's breech and to mention to consultant at appointment. My question is if he is breech and they book me in for section at 39 weeks will they scan me day of op to see if he's moved?

Im pretty scared as had first son by emergency section and the thought of another one is filling me with dread 


  • When I had my baby she was checked to see if she was breech a couple of days before when they give you the antiacid pill to take (this was checked my feel) then the day of the section they did scan me again just to make sure as there's no need to have a section if she had turned :) I was 39+ 3 when I had my daughter. I hope this helps calm your fears :) xx

  • Hi lis84 my son born on 18/12/15 was breech he never was head down I guess he just didn't want to spend any time upside down, I was offered for him to be manually turned or try to manually turn him or have him naturally as a breech birth or a c section I opted for a c section and it was wonderful very calm and relaxed.  If you are very worried you could ask them to try to turn him, I think trying to push him out is risky in case it results in another emergency section which you don't want. I can only give my experience but the c section was not traumatic at all for us, you could ask for an exam on the morning of the section to see if he has turned im sure they would rather you deliver naturally if at all possible x good luck I hope you find the solution which works for you xx

  • Hi

    Thank you these do help, I think he might have turned today I've walked loads but not getting hopes up. 

    Im going to say to consultant that I would like to be checked before to make sure he's Def breech if he still is at scan just so daunting knowing I know what's going to happen xx

  • If it helps (I've not had an emergency c section) but planned c sections are really relaxed, theres no rush to get the baby out in seconds like there is in an emergency Section. In my surgery everyone was really lovely and chatty etc it'll hopefully be a completely different situation for you. 

    I opted to not have my baby turned as I really didn't like the idea of it but that's completely your decision.

  • My mw said due to my previous section they wouldn't try and turn me because of scar, if he has to be born by section then it has to be I think I'm just hoping he will turn go back head down and I will b able to have him naturally and everything be ok. As long as he is healthy that's all that matters it's just scaring me. But ur right it won't b as mad and rushed as my emergency section xx

  • Hi Hun

    Had my little girl 23.12.15 due to breech presentation. They scan you on the morning of the op, and if lo has turned you will ne sent home to await natural labour!

    I havent had an Emcs but can honestly say the planned was very relaxed, nothing like the EMCS stories of my friends! I was home 26 hours later and driving after 3.5 weeks.

    Good luck! X

  • Aw thank you hun. I'm really hoping he will turn he's a little bugger been head down the whole pregnancy.

    Im glad planned isn't as bad  I think if I hadn't had emergency one I would b ok then I wouldn't know what was going to happen xx

  • My little girl was stubbornly breech from 20 wks so not much hope of turning... sounds like there is a good chance your bubs will turn back x

  • My first was emcs second natural delivery and stubborn boy a planned c section I honestly would say having experienced both emergency and planned the planned is a much more relaxed affair the sergein, theatre nurses and Anaesthetists were very chatty and jokey and put me and my oh at ease the only complaint I had which I'm sure you will have experienced after emcs was the itch after surgery but that is the only thing which I had an issue with Jenson was handed to my oh while I was stitched up and he was on my chest breast feeding in recovery room. 

  • Hi lis84, yes they scan you when you get booked in on the day. I had a planned section and it was all very relaxed and chilled out so try not to think about ur emergency one as I think you'll find it very different. Goodluck.xx

  • Thank you all, all of this has really helped I feel a bit more at ease with it. My oh is rally helpful so fingers crossed. Going to try everything I can to try and move him probably won't work can only try though haha xxx

  • just thought I'd jump in here I delivered my little man breech vaginally I think a lot of t depends on how big baby is etc it's not impossible weirdest thing seeing him appear bottom first and pooing now he was twin 2 would I make same choice again yes and no it was very scary in the moments after delivery but I was back on my feet that day and that was much needed with two to look after.  Good luck with whatever happens.

  • Thanks apparently mw said hes on small side, whenever I asked anything like turning him or delivering him naturally she just said oo but ur previous section and it's not a good idea 

  • Depends which breech little girl was transverse breech so side to side and would not have come out on her own...

    Consultant should discuss whether an ECV (where they manually attempt to turn the baby from the outside) is an option and the likelihood of success too xx

  • Talk to your consultant I had previous section and was offered both having him turned and not having him turned but having a vaginal breech birth I opted for planned section but the options are there so don't take what your midwife says as gospel speak to your consultant who will go through the options with you xx 

  • Ah thank you, he's frank breech bum is in pelvis legs and head under each rib but I have a feeling he's moved not sure if turned but Def moved xx 

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