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hey I'm now 5 months pregnant I've only got 4 months to go. It's scary when you think about it like giving birth who reckon water birth is better then not having water birth


  • Hello Angle first of congratulations, hope you've had a good pregnancy so far :)

    I've pushed the thaught of labour to the back of my mind but I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant and it's just hit me this past week or so how frightened I really am, I have hoped on a water birth and have spoken to my midwife and consultant about it.  She said that it's so relaxing for you and your partner as your in a relaxing room with who you want at the birth and the midwife.  As long as the baby or myself wont need monitoring the birthing pool is fine. ( otherwise it would be labour ward)

    Just like you, I would love to hear of others who have had a birth pool experience also just to have an idea of what it's like 

    All the best Angle xxxx

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