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How long did you stay in hospital after having your baby?


We've just seen a news report saying that British mums spend the shortest time in hospital after their baby's birth than another other mum in a developed-world country.

On average, we're sent home after a day and a half, apparently.

While in the US, it's 2 days; in Germany, it's 3 days; in France, it's 4 days and in the Ukraine, it's over 6.

So, we're wondering, how long did you stay in hospital after giving birth? We'd love to know!

And were you discharged before you felt ready? Or did you feel you were going home at about the right time?

Please do tell us about your experience by adding a post to this thread. We'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much.


  • My little boy was born on the Thursday night at 22:45. They told me after I'd had him that I could go home after a couple of hours, so were happy to discharge us in the middle of the night! I said I didn't feel happy going that soon and to stay in until the next day. Happens we had to stay in another day on addition to that because my little man wasn't feeding, so it was 2 days for us.

    I'm from Derby x

  • Jensen was born 18th Dec by c section we were discharged in 21st then re-admitted on 23rd till 25th I could have been discharged the next day but Jensen needed phototherapy x 

  • Had my c section on Thursday and we left Saturday morning as it was my second was nice to get home but not sure I'd have felt ready if it was my first. Found the level of care had really dropped from 5 years ago with my first which I guess is down to cost cutting. We are in Kent. 

  • Hunter was born Fri 19th Feb at 12.27pm but due to a traumatic birth needed to stay in special care, I was then allowed to stay in transitional care with him as he became jaundiced and needed phototherapy and his levels were up and down so we ended up staying until the Thursday so we were nearly there for a week. But this was only due to his difficult delivery, if everything had been ok and straightforward we could have been out within 6 hours.  

  • Beatrice was born 10:03 23rd December by elective section due to transverse breech! Despite taking 18mins to get out she was fine and didnt even need oxygen :-)

    I lost too much blood stayed on HDU for 16 hours where they were amazing..was moved to the ward in the middle of the night, it was rubbish they didnt give me my meds or anything to eat as the poor midwives were run off their feet! I left at 12 midday 24th! So 26hrs post section with me 1st baby! Physically there is no way I was ready...mentally there is no way I was staying xxx

  • I went in on the 1st Jan had Jenson by c-section on the 5th and came out on the 8th I would have been out the day before but they had to do extra obs  on my liver and kidney function and blood pressure. I felt ready to come out when I did but I think they take the stitches out way to early they wanted to do it 4 days after birth but I said no way but I was made to have them out on day 5 then spent several days soaking up fluid that was just pouring out! 

  • This time was kept in from 29th to 3rd I'd have come home when they were a day old but Kayleigh was under phototherapy for the week.  With my others home a few hours after birth.

  • I had both of mine in the morning and came home the next afternoon so just a day and a half for us. 

  • I went into hospital on 17th November 2001 and had my daughter 8.12am on the sunday. Stayed in hospital untill Wednesday morning. My sister how ever had her little boy 2 years ago early in the morning. They wanted to send her home a few hours later but because she was only 17 she didnt feel she was ready so they kept her in for a few days. 

  • 1st daughter 20 years ago in May I was in 1 week c section

    2nd daughter 9 year ago this month I had her 7pm was home next day vbac

    my son December 2015 was born Friday would have been out next day if no complications c section

  • I was medically induced so I went in at 2pm on Sat 06/02 and my baby was born on Mon 08/02 at 00:10.

    I would have been discharged on Tuesday but my son had jaundice and required treatment under the photo lamp.

    I was discharged at 9pm on Wed because I asked for it. In hindsight, they should not have allowed me to leave the hospital at that time. I was clearly distressed, I hadn't established a proper feeding routine and no one had asked to see one of my sons nappies so I had no idea that they weren't 'wet' enough.

    Also, I was brought to the ward at about 5am and the nurse came to bathe my son at about 10am - I was clearly out of it still and had no idea what she did so I didn't feel confident washing my son.

    When the midwife visited me the next day, she made me feel like a failure of a mother as clearly my son wasn't getting enough food, he was dehydrated and the jaundice had returned. I was so traumatised I gave up on breast feeding and went on to formula.

    I think had I been kept in and had a better discharge process I would have been calmer and maybe I would have been able to breast feed my son.

    It has taken me a while to find my feet and have spent the past 3.5 weeks in a permanent anxiety state.

    Feel there should be a better checklist for discharge and there should be a minimum 3 nights/4 days for new mums - less is probably needed for those who have been there and done that.

  • I got to hospital at 7.30am & Mya was born at 6.28pm. We were discharged at 11am the next morning. At the time i did feel it was a bit soon as i was so weak & shakey but i supp there's nothing the hospital could do for that & rest & food at home was what i needed. 

  • My little girl was born at 5am on the Sunday and we were discharged at 1pm Monday. We only got kept in over night for breast feeding support

  • I had Oakley-Jorge at 6.36am on 22nd November 2012 & was discharged at 12.45 on 22nd November 2012. So I was in 6 hrs & 9 mins! I felt right to come home, I had a textbook pregnancy & labour! Not bad for my 1st too ☺

  • I went home the same day, I hate hospitals so was adamant I wasn't staying. I had my DD at 2 in the afternoon and was home by 8pm.

  •  I reached hospital @ 10:40pm and had my baby 10:45pm and hospital discharged me 9:00am following day,which I have to stay till almost 12:00pm.

  • I left my house at 6pm, arrived at birthing centre at 6:40pm, had my little boy in the pool just over and hour later at 7:52pm, left the birthing centre at 10pm and was home at 11pm, so in total leaving house and having baby and coming home 5 hours. Was an amazing Birth experience.

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