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Stitches or scars after the birth? Share your tips!

Hi everyone,

We wondered how you coped with your post-birth stitches and scars? 

We’re talking about c-sections scars and for those of you who had a vaginal birth, any stitches you may have had down there

We were hoping you might share any tips for avoiding infections in your scar or dealing with itchiness, and for those who had stitches post vaginal birth, any tips on peeing or pooping afterwards, bathing - whatever it is, please share your thoughts by adding a reply to this thread. 




  • Had lots of trouble both times with my c-section scar. Would recommend cleaning with boiled salty water and cotton wool while healing and letting it get plenty of air. I was also told to use E45 or sudocrem on the scar (when fully closed, mine opened back up in 3 places) to help the skin heal.

  • Also dont go mad thinking you can do everything (like I did with my first) it may well affect it healing properly x

  • So I had stitches after my first and it was very uncomfortable I never imagined it would hurt as much as it did. I used to tip warm water when I went for a wee that took the sting away a bit and for poo I don't know if everyone does this but I wee first so after I tipped water I used a clean flannel or pad and held it there luckily I only had a little tear and pooing was quite easy also make sure u eat food that doesn't make u constipated. And sit on soft things like a pillow, also don't over do things like walks. I found sitting on my side with a pillow under me feet up relaxing helped a lot and I could still cuddle bubs. I dreading my second giving me stitches but luckily didn't need any after my 20 min labour. 3rd time I'm hoping is just as easy and no need for the dreaded stitches

     I found no one really talks about that part needing stitches so I was really shocked on how uncomfortable they are. 

  • oh and dab don't wipe as u can pull the stitches I learnt that the hard way really thick padded soft tissue image

  • Hello ladies,

    i've had 4 natural births and the last was a emergency c section.

    i would totally agree with kyriex2 with regards to tips with peeing and the pooing!

    As for a c- section it is horrendous... Nothing like it is shown on t.v. 

    I would advise to rest as much as u can so u can heal properly. My mum put a plastic sheet under my bottom which made it easier to slide into bed. That was awesome after struggling to get in and out of bed it was such a relief to have that.

    Also take the highest dosage meds u can have, no reason why u have to struggle. Let ure body heal.

    i was told not to put anything on my scar and it stayed clean and healed perfectly.

    You will get better, it took around six weeks to get back to normal.

    Dont be shy in taking any help that's offered! 

    I always found that having the freezer full of ready made meals helped alot, whether shop bought or homemade. So you really didnt stress about what the family was going to eat as food was already prepared.


  • . I agree with the ladies above! Especially with the wiping after toilet! Just dab dry. It's now been 6 weeks since birth and it does feel much better now!

    The pain lasted a good 3 weeks just felt really swollen! And I remember looking with a small mirror underneath and thinking OMG! As the stitches looked horrendous and it was bruised and swollen. 

    Also I used to go in the shower about 4 times a day just to spray warm water below (for the first 10 days ish) just to ensure clean also a bath every night.  I was really afraid that it would get infected.  I bought load of soft flannels to dab myself dry after the shower and washed them after every use. 

    lieing on the bed with nothing on underneath to have some air also helped . 

    I remember reading on the Internet somewhere that someone had a bath with some medical detol ..don't do this! As it's way too harsh! I put some detol in bath(only a lid and a half full)  and had to jump out straight and had to clean a few times after to get rid of the burning sensation. 

    I also got the midwife to check the stitches when she asked me just to ensure that it is healing properly. 

    Hope that helps :) 

  • Also spray a little water on pad and put in freezer :) helps a lot!  I know you can buy ice packs but I didn't like the though of using then putting back in freezer! X

  • I bought some Tucks Witch Hazel Pads from Amazon. They say they are for piles and vaginal issues and they are brilliant. You can either put them in your underwear (they are a bit like round nail varnish remover pads) to soothe the area,  use them to wipe after going to the toilet. they are fab and the doctor says I've healed well. 

    Be careful how much walking you do. I felt fine even the day after delivery, only mild discomfort, but when I started walking the whlle undercarriage ached !! This was the case up until about 4 weeks PP. 

  • Anyone else still numb? 13 weeks later and I'm numb on and all around my section scar.

  • for me the feeling has never come back completely in the area surrounding my scar (eldest is 5) but also certain parts still hurt, apparently I have a lot of scar tissue 

  • Tiffyp. I am 12 weeks after c section and it's a weird sensation Its numb and my skin around that area feels rubbery.

    i still now and again feel like I'm being stretched and a sharp sort of uncomfortable feeling.

    hope fully with time it'll heal but because 12 weeks have passed maybe the numbness is what it's going to feel like forever. 

  • Ah well, feeling numb just in that bit is a small price to pay. I've heard the scar shrinks too?? Anyone know anything about that?

  • Hello ladies. It's now been 12 weeks after birth. My episiotomy  scar has healed (as far as I know) but it is very itchy!! Has anyone else had this problem? ( sorry tmi) Thankyou x

  • hello ladies, it's been four months after c section and I am really good. Still numb around scar however I feel good. I've been playing tennis and also going on very long walks. So time is a great healer. Xx

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