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Induction on due date

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to get outsiders opinions who have experienced this themselves, as I have had so many mixed views on this from people who have not necessarily been in my position before.

This is my first pregnancy. I 'ideally' wanted to have a labour and birth as natural as possible without any interventions, however I have been told by a consultant that as my baby is showing up as BIG (8lb 14oz at 38 week scan) they have booked me in to be induced on my due date. I have edema in my hands, feet and tummy and my BMI is raised (seems obvious to do so when pregnant but...) and have a family history of DVT, so injecting clexane into my tummy, but apart from that it has all gone fine (touch wood) I had a sweep today but my midwife said I am no where near close to being dilated and she couldn't get high enough to the membrane to aggravate it.

Has anyone else gone through an induction due to the size of their baby? Would you suggest waiting just a little bit longer to give the benefit of the doubt, so that you get what you want instead of what you are told you should do OR should you listen to the professionals?


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