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Anyone had c section due to anxiety?


  • I would also like to know.. I am terrified of giving birth and feel like a C Section would be better suited. Is it really worth all the risks compared to Natural birth?

  • Hi Buffy and Jade. I felt the same. I had a big anxiety attack at 38 weeks brought on by a choking incident and it messed me up so much that I wanted my baby out asap just to feel normal again. I was scared of everything and labour being top of the list. My midwife wouldn't let me have a c-section and I ended up going into natural labour at 40+2.

    Once labour started it was such a relief and my body just took over. I'm such a control freak, I thought I wouldn't be able to cope with it but when it was happening it was OK. Ironically I ended up having an emergency section as baby was in a funny position but i had done full labour by then. 

    You will both be totally fine and you will do it. It just happens. 

    The recovery from a section is really tough. It's a good 4 weeks until your body feels in any way normal. It's a huge operation. If you're planning on breastfeeding afterwards make sure you have good support around you as you can't even sit up alone for the first week. 

    I hope you both don't have long to wait xx

  • Id go natural every time....I've had 5 natural and one emergency c- section and the recovery was alot longer with c- section, 

    Like has been said your body knows what to do and the staff at hosp will talk you thru anything you're unsure about and are lovely - honestly unless it's absolutely necessary I'd try natural xx

    You can do it ! Anxiety is a natural feeling and I'm sure your midwife can help to ease your fears, have a chat and at least be open to trying a natural delivery - there are pain killers or epidural to help with the pain if you need it and other options too, water births, homeopathic or hypnosis births....I'd do more research on these too x

  • Having gone through both types of delivery there are good & bad things about both.

    Vaginal delivery was painful with the intensifying contractions, pushing them out is hard work BUT if no complications you can be discharged shortly after. 

    Section you know the date & time of delivery, there (hopefully) are no contractions to go through BUT you will be anaesthetised which can sting like crazy, you will be put on a catheter & a drip, the operation will be over in minutes BUT you will then have to spend hours waiting for the anaesthetic to wear of, you will be kept in for observations & the recovery will be longer.

    You do have the right to push for either option these days but there is a lot to consider before making your final choice  (neither option is really more comfortable than the other I'm afraid)

  • As a previous lady said, your body just takes over when in labour, I've had 3 c sections and abnormal delivery and having a section this time and the build up of anxiety for a planned section for me is unbearable atm. I'd opt for natural 100% in my opinion if a could. 

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