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ok so I'm 37w 2d and I'm geting a lot to Paine in my lower back , lower  stomach  and in rids like  tightenings and the stomach fells heavy and in between my legs im all so getting a lot more discharge tmi its a White and thick my baby moving and some time he feels like he's coming out when I stand are the pains I'm feeling just him moving down /going read for labour 

yes I am a where I'm only 2w 5d untill my due I mean is he come eraly that he should be 

of am I just over thinking things I realy don't when I'm been born to close to Xmas  



  • If they are contractions then your bump will go rock solid  (may even change shape ) until the pain passes. Have you tried timing the pains- how long they last & the amount of time in between? If within 10 minutes of each other & lasting a good minute then call your midwife. Good luck. X 

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