When did you have your first period after giving birth?

Hi everyone,

We’ve just been discussing when we had our first periods after giving birth, and we all had such different timelines, we thought we’d ask you about it too. So please do tell us, when did you have your first period after having your baby? And were you breastfeeding as we know this can impact periods too?

Please come and let us know when you had your first period post birth, by replying to this thread. It should be really interesting! 



  • For me it was about 6 months until I had a period.  Think it's due to me breastfeeding x

  • My baby boy is 10 weeks Friday and I'm yet to have my first period since having him. And I'm combination feeding x

  • Baby is 16 weeks on Thursday and still nothing. I'm reeeeeally not complaining haha 

  • My lil one is 15 weeks tomo and i had my first period 4 weeks after having her and i breastfed! I am now on contraception and bottle feeding x

  • For me I bled for 6 weeks after having LO, then my first period didn't come in until LO was 4 months old. I didn't breastfeed.

  • I bled for the usual 4-6 post partum but no period for around 9 months due to depo injection directly after then another dose. 

  • My baby is 10 months next week and still nothing. Good old breastfeeding  👍

  • Had light bleed for 5 or so days then had a proper period about 3 weeks later then went  straight back to every 28-29 day cycle bottle feeded

  • Hey lady's!

    My boy is 18weeks on Sunday.. still no period! 

    - I stopped breastfeeding at 12 weeks

  • My son is 10 weeks old and I had my first period at 8 weeks which lasted 10 days lot longer then normal hopfully body will adjust soon 

  • My baby is 19 weeks. I had a period that lasted longer than normal at about 8 weeks and nothing since. I exclusively breastfed for 13 weeks, combi fed for 3 and now she is exclusively bottle fed.

  • With my first 2 weeks after I completely stopped breastfeeding,  11 months. 

    With my second the same 2 weeks after stopping breastfeeding,  6months.

    Still breastfeeding my third,  he is 4 months old and I'm sure I won't get my period back until I stop breastfeeding again x

  • With both of mine I bled for around 3-4 weeks after giving birth and then around 4 weeks after that I had my first period.  Both of mine were bottle fed :-)

  • About 8 weeks with number 1 (had dummies from 6 weeks, poor latch, mix fed from 10 weeks, ff from 4 months)
    Almost 17 months with my second (still exc. breastfeeding at that point).
    I'm at almost 7 months with baby number 3 and no periods yet. Hoping to get as long or longer as with my 2nd.

  • I had a period 5 weeks after giving birth and I was bottle feeding ☺ 

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