How long was your labour? Come and share how long your labour lasted here!

Hi everyone,

Today we’re talking about labour, and although the pain is (mostly) miraculously forgotten once we have those babies in our arms, we’re wondering how long did your labour last? 

We know it can be hard to pinpoint when labour beings, but we’re going from those first contractions until you gave birth. 

Please do share your experience by posting a reply to this thread with how long your labour lasted. 



  • My first born I was in labour for 3 days :-(  I started feeling contractions at 10pm on the Monday night and I had him by emergency C Section at 5.20am on the Thursday.  As you can imagine, I was dreading my second birth, but that was much better!  I felt the first niggles at 5am on the Thursday morning and he was born naturally at 10.47pm Thursday night.  My actual 'painful' but of labour started around 5.30pm so was very short in comparison to my first!

  • With my first I was in slow labour for a week before they popped my waters put me on a drip after that my contractions increased off the charts and he was born in an hour. My second was lovely I started feeling contractions when I woke up at about 8am went to the hospital at about 10am they sent me home to progress and at 2:50pm I was in triage again waiting to get admitted and he was born in triage at 3:10 with no pain relief. They didn't even have anything to cut his cord he came so quick. I'm due in 2 weeks and I'm actually rather worried I won't make it to the hospital thinking the contractions aren't as bad as they should be 

  • My labour was 85.5 hours long. I was induced due to preeclampsia and it ended in an emergency c-section as baby was stuck at 9cm.

    was worth every second :)

  • With my first it was 10 hours with gas and air my second was 3 hours with gas and air my 3rd was a hour and 13 mins with no pain relief 

  • Saturday September 24th:

    3am - Waters Went

    4pm - Light Contractions

    10pm - Regular Contractions 

    Sunday September 25th:

    4am - Hospital - Painful Contractions

    2pm - Epidural 

    9:15pm - Emergency Csection

    My body hadn't dilated past 4cm in over 12 hours, so I ended up with StrepA & Sepsis! we were lucky the Specialst Registrar made the decision he did of a section!😱

    #LoveOurNHS #CareForOurNHS #Thankful

  • Hi all, 

    I had my little one 12 weeks ago. I was induced due to preclampsia and was in hospital for 3 days before she arrived.

    I had 2 pessarys as the first one didn't work. My waters broke at 09:30 on the 1st of November and contractions started straight away and my little one arrived via emergency C-section at 03:53 on 2nd November so I was in labour a good few hours.

    I manged to get to 7cm on paracetomol alone until I was wheeled to the labour ward.

  • My daughter was born in Sept 2012. Contractions started at 11pm. Stopped after an hour. Restated around 2am. Waters broke at 5am. Hospital at 7am I was 7cm. Hormone IV started at 11am due to contractions slowing down and daughter born at 13.36. Pretty quick for a 1st labour! Due again in may so hoping for another quick one lol

  • My first one had period type light contractions for 2 days and when they finally got stronger and regular we drove to a midwife unit. Went in at 5pm had a lovely waterbirth and no pain relief. Had my son just before midnight. 7 hrs labour. 

    My second,  woke up with a feeling something is happening. Went in at 3.30pm had a baby girl at 5.01pm. Again waterbirth (only just managed to fill the pool with water) no pain relief. 1h.30mins labour. 

    My third, woke up with contractions around 6am by 8am they were every 7mins, went in just after 9am had a baby boy in water at noon. No pain relief 4hrs labour. 9lb4oz 😲 

    I feel truly blessed and can honestly say I loved giving birth each time. 😊 

  • Am I the only one who has to answer 'no blummin idea' to this question?! Lol. I know that I had been niggling on & if for a couple of days, what time I went into the hospital roughly & what time baby was born but have no idea of the details more than that! 😂

  • I woke with period type pains at 9am, by midday they were stronger but i could carry on as normal. At 3pm my active labour started and I couldn't really speak through them, had one every couple of minutes. got to hospital at 6.45pm, was examined at 7.15pm and was at least 7cm, waters broke at 7.30pm and baby born at 7.59pm. i had gas and air for the last half an hour whilst I was waiting for the pool but baby born too quick to get in !! 

  • I was induced with both of mine due to pregnancy related health issues. 

    With my daughter Labour was 4hours 30 minutes pushing for 10 minutes with gas, air and a pethadine injection. With my son, my Labour was 1 hour 10 minutes and I was pushing for 6 minutes, just gas and air this time.  I was induced at 39 weeks with my daughter and 38 weeks with my son

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