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To shave, yes or no?

Normally I don't shave myself down under. I mean, I do remove the sides every once in a while, but I never remove everything. I was wondering if you're required to remove all the hair when you go to the hospital to have your baby. I think it was a standard procedure until a few years ago, but if I'm not mistaken they now prefer to see some hair (has got something to do with a higher risk of infections, right?)


  • Well if u dont do it yourself they will ask you (well they did with me) to see if ur shaven and if ur not they will actually shave u. Thankfully i was so i didnt have the embarrasing moment of someone shaving my fudge... lol. if needs be u cud always give the community midwifes a call n just say random question but are u meant to be shaven for when u go into labour/birth. 

    Hope i helped :) 

  • I've had 4 babies and I've never shaved or been shaven! As far as I know they stopped doing this about 20+ years ago 😮😮

  • Don't be 😜 silly

  • I shave but that.  Is just my own personal preference I am just recently given birth and midwife said to me in the delivery suite they don't care what it looks like they just care about getting the baby out healthy and alive   So don't worry 😉 

  • I tried to shave on my due date but couldn't see what I was doing so it ended up looking much worse then by the following week when i actually gave birth it was sore down there and patchy lol! I would recommend just leaving it. Give it a wee trim even unless your man is up to the job hahaha image

  • Most definitely a personal choice.. The only time they ever checked me was when I was goingfor an emergency section. My personal prefernce is to shave and she said "oh i see you've already done the job" mortified..

  • How're bout if your having a c-section? Do you still need to shave?X

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