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As I'm very small built and my hips are not wide whatsoever I'm thinking about asking my midwife about having a C-section. I think this would be the safest option for me and my baby when the time comes. If any has had one or is thinking of having one I would like some opinions please??


  • Hey, speak to your midwife. They will be able to advise you of whats best to do.. I cant really advise I'm sorry but I didnt want to read and run.. Your midwife may get a consultant to see you.. Let us know how it goes x

  • Yeah will deffo have to speak to a consultant but I think it's gunna be the best option for me and my baby! Will let you know x

  • Hi, when are you due? Can I ask why you feel a c section is the best option? As a nurse I'd be confident in saying your midwife would have had this conversation with you if they felt this was the case.

    Surgery is risky both during and after. There is the initial operation, anaesthetic etc. You have post surgical wound care, unable to drive or do any heavy lifting for minimum 6 weeks. You need to have daily injections to prevent blood clots. It's a much longer recovery period in general. My friend had a planned section due to health complications and really struggled those first few weeks.

    I'm not judging at all I just think it's easy to get in a panic before labour. Our bodies are an amazing thing and cope tremendously well. Antenatal teams are very experienced at end if they felt at the time either you or baby were at risk they would intervene immediately. You maybe just need more support from your midwife team. 

    Defo ask to be referred to a consultant as they are the ones who ultimately will make the decision based on your overall health history etc. They will listen to all your concerns and put your mind at ease either way. 

    And bare in mind, teenagers and "little people" (I think that's the current PC term) can have natural uncomplicated labours so your size won't effect your ability to labour naturally. 

    Good luck, x

  • It's due to my size mainly and my hips are very small. I'm not doubting the midwife would intervene straight away but i wouldn't want to get to a stage of having an emergency c section i would rather opt for one and save the hassle of having to go through a bad experience if that were to happen. Actually my consultant would not have the overall decision as i have read about this that i have the right to decide which birth i think would be best for me. As a nurse i would like to know from you when would be the best time to tell my midwife? I'm 14 weeks now so i will be seeing her in 2 weeks for my 16 week appointment.

  • Im also due in September x

  • You do have the right to make the decision as regards to birth plan but you'd also need to find a obgyn willing to perform the operation electively. In my local health board without medical reason whether it be pregnancy related or not they would be reluctant to perform such a major surgery through choice. But this obviously difers from area to area so it may be completely different for you. My best friend discussed a section with midwife early on as both her mum and sister haemorrhaged during labour and needed to be taken to theatre and she was terrified it'd be same for her and they said she should go ahead with natural labour. Just to give an example of how strict they can be where I live. She had to move hospitals to get different consultant and eventually got a planned section so it can change. You should start discussing it with your midwife as soon as so they can monitor your concerns and refer you to a consultant as soon as they can. I hope they can help you, noone deserves a pregnancy full of worry or a bad birth experience! And if your already worrying about it it's not gonna be much fun for you. Xx

  • Thanks for the advice xx

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