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Giving birth: who was with you when you when you had your baby?


We were wondering, when you were giving birth, who did you have in the delivery room with you and how many people were you allowed to have there? Also, were the peeps who were with you helpful while you were giving birth?

We’d love to hear who you had with you while you were giving birth, so please do let us know by posting a reply to the thread.



  • I had my mum and my other half. My other half took a video of me on the gas & air Haha! His mum & dad also popped in at some point too. Not to forget the nurses & theatre staff as I ended up having an emergency cesearian xxx

  • I had my mum and husband - my mum said it was her dream to see me give birth. She also kept leaning on the cannula constantly, which hurt more than the actual contractions! She also went for a nap in the car while things progressed, and I had a blow-by-blow account of the actual birth thanks to her too. 'Things like 'i can see the hair on the babies head' as I was crowning. 

    She wasn't allowed at my second birth as my hubby actually can't stand my mum ☹️ and we weren't on good terms... 

  • I had my mum and husband in the room, my dad and brother were in the waiting room! 😂

    I can honestly say i dont know how i would have got through it without either of them. I was in labour for 40 hours in total, ended up being induced and finished with an episiotomy and forceps! I couldn't stand the thought of having an epidural so did the whole thing on gas and air (that stuff is amazing if you take long deep breaths!). Mum and hubby took it in turns to hold the gas and air for me while the other held my hand. I think it was better for them both to be there because they were able to support each other as well as me, no-one felt on their own or left out. 

  • I had my hubby but only for 10 minutes as he only made it with 10 minutes to spare! 

  • I just had my husband there. He was great but seemed to think we were in the 1920s... cool compress darling? Erm, nope, drugs please!😉

  • I just had my husband. He was good but I think he felt a bit at a loss as to how he could help. He sat next to me in my labour bath with snacks and then I was rushed to delivery and gave birth in eight minutes flat which he almost missed as he wanted to grab my bag from the labour ward. He saw the head crown and cut the cord and then took a video of me which I protested as I looked awful haha.

  • I had my husband and a midwife popping in sporadically through the night, after the contractions kicked in at about 3am I seemed to have lost all memory of anything until finally about 11am I became lucid enough to clock the entire anaesthesiology team, 2 mmidwives and a consultant in my room! 

  • I had only my husband, who supported me and helped me greatly. I didn't feel alone and had someone to hold my hand during that hell) We finished preparation courses and knew what to expect, so my darling was really great! I loved him even more after that day

  • My hubby and a whole host of professionals! Went into surprise early labour at 34 weeks +3 had no time for anything or anyone. Hadn't visited the delivery suite or discussed pain relief, had no bag just a phone and my notes (and my husband) Everything and everyone took over so he didn't really know what to do with himself, especially as I was in theatre pushing there were so many people he couldn't even hold my hand. But he was there and that's all I wanted. 

  • Just me and my husband. Well, until midwife had to push the emergency red button then we had the entirety of the staff that were working on the maternity ward that night and I was put to sleep and rushed to theatre. 

    My husband was absolutely amazing - he put on a brave face and kept calm when I was absolutely freaking out!!! When I came back round and was eventually pit on the ward, even the midwife commented on how cute and supportive she thought my his and had been during the c-section! They usually don't let anyone in when performing a section  under general anaesthetic, but husband was allowed to stand in the corner so at least one of us could see our son being born. He got pics of our son just after birth and sent them to my phone so that when I was fully with it and on the ward I could see the moment I had missed - other than different circumstances, I couldn't have asked for more from my AMAZING husband that day! 

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