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stressed! FTM n goin threw a breakup stressed!

hi lovley mums👋🏻

im currently 40weeks. today is my due date for LO to arrive wither he makes an appearance is a different thing🙊 I'm currently in a crisis and full of emotion me and my partner have broken up and the thought of me being alone(still have family) frightens me to death as I am a FTM. I know there are plenty of single mums out there but how do I cope with the break up and raising a child at the same time I'm heartbroken as its LO farther, baby's farther and mother where supposed to come to the birth but the farther uses the child agaisnt me(guilt trips me about sumet that happened in the past) even tho baby's not here yet... I still want him at the birth as I'm not someone too be petty but he told me not too contact him how do I go about this can anyone shed some light  xx

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