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Stressing out

any advice welcome 

I'm 36 + 4 and I'm being sent to be scanned again end of week as baby growth has dropped and is breech.   There is talk of c section and not being able to manipulate baby into place? Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience and just so I can get my head around what's to come how long would they it before a c section And are they really as bad as I've been reading?? Thanks 


  • Hi Lavender!!

    I have no such experience but as you are almost full term (37weeks) I wouldn't worry too much if they want you to deliver.

    I can only advice you regarding the c section. I had my little boy - now 5 months- through a scheduled c section at 39+1. My experience was amazing and next baby will be delivered same way.

    We went to the hospital in the morning and After I had the spinal the procedure began. I had the baby in My arms withing 10 minutes. all personnel were brilliant and made me feel calm and relaxed.

    I got up and moving same afternoon and i could care for my baby the next couple of days. The recovery was unpleasant the first week. I was in some pain but managed with paracetamol at home. At hospital had much stronger painkillers. 

    After the week I was able to do almost anything in the house and We were out and about with no problem at all. I was getting some twinges if I was overdoing it but that's all.

    Now, almost 5m pp I feel completely fine. Like it never happened and its like this after the 3rd month. There is still some numbness but sensation is slowly coming back. 

    A c section is a major operation but if there is a medical reason, it's the safest way of delivery. Obviously the recovery is quicker in a natural birth but in my case it's been absolutely fine.

    Also from what all the personnel told me is that there is much difference between a scheduled and an emergency section as doctors in the first case they don't rush and take their time with the procedure. 

    I hope I helped and I wish you the best of luck!!! Hope you manage a natural birth if you wish so, but if it comes to a section it will be also fine!! 

    Keep me updated xx

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