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Honest experiences of birth please

I'm due in December and just want to know what people would describe birth and labour as? Is it as painful as you thought? Is it as bad as everyone makes out? As my due date gets closer birth and labour are on my mind quite a lot...plenty of people go on to have 2 3 4 kids so surely it's not that horrific because people would only have 1? Xx


  • Hey I had my little girl back in March. The contractions are painful, I couldn't even touch my stomach it was so sore! I had an epidural so I didn't feel much until the very last 20 minutes and they were painful but with gas and air very manageable. Labour really isn't that bad it's painful of course but you will forget about the pain! I never believed anyone when they said you won't remember the pain but i do now hence why I'm on baby number 2 nearly 7 months later 😂 good luck and just remember to breathe deeply! Xx

  • I'm 34 first time mummy of 1... now 4 months old. From around 20 weeks I said that I was having the epidural which im so glad that I dI'd as I know I. Wouldn't have coped with the pain. And here's me who has 8 tattoo various piercings and I thought I had a pain thresh hold NO!! LOL. I'm glad u had it as I ended up in theatre being cut with forcep delivery as my little man got stuck... lucky he was born healthy weighing 8lb..

    As it was my first my friends family even stranger were telling me of their births and should do this but don't do that. Everyone is different.  I would advise keep an open mind and keep calm...  good luck

  • Thankyou :) I'm feeling better about it now, just gonna have to chill and let it happen to get my little man :) x

  • I have had 2 completely different births 1 natural and 1 induced they both felt a lot different but I fink that keeping it mind strong and going with the pain helped me a lot I just focus on keeping in control I no if I let go and fighted with the pain my labours would have been a lot worse good luck it really is not as bad as people say I only used had and air and only had it in the last 40 minutes with my last 

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