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C-section over assisted birth for pelvic girdle pain?

Hi all. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have suffered quite severely with pelvic girdle pain since week 28 of my pregnancy. In an ideal world, I would prefer a natural water birth. However, as it's my first baby I don't think I can rule out pain relief such as a mobile epidural. I don't want a caesarean as such (what little research is out there suggests a longer recovery for PGP with c-section) and I know it's not really offered as an option for PGP. However, I am utterly terrified of the consequences and potential long-term damage to my pelvis if I end up having an assisted birth! I feel that I would prefer a c-section over the use of forceps or ventouse. The pelvic partnership state that you can put this in your birth plan. My midwife was supportive today and understood my anxiety. She had referred me to a consultant for my next appt to talk it all through. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Or had a c-section when faced with the possibility of an assisted birth? Or had an assisted birth and recovered okay from PGP? Huge thanks ladies!


  • Hi TAnna31, we thought you might want to post your question on this thread here too - we know there are quite a few members who suffered with SPD and PGP who follow this other thread, and we're hoping they might be able to help you.  

  • Hi tanna

    i suffered with bad PGP from 16 weeks as I have hypermobility syndrome. 

    I wanted a natural water birth and I did start that way. To be honest once I was in labour, my mind was only on the contractions, I can honestly say I don’t remember any Pgp type pain. 

    Unfortunately my little boy turned back to back half way down and got himself stuck so I did end up with ventouse (failed 3 times) and then Forceps twice. 

    id say within 24-48 hours all pgp Pain was gone! I just had the pain of the episiotomy but that healed in about 10 days. 

    all of that was just with a little gas and air too!

    So even with quite an intense assisted delivery, there is no long term damage and pgp recovery was quick. 

    the body is an amazing thing and The way it adapts and then recovers for a baby is incredible! 

    its a good idea to talk to the consultant to help you think things trough but I just wanted to try and reassure you that there shouldn’t be any long term damage from assisted deliveries and pgp symptoms do usually calm down very quickly after birth. 

    Its a terrifying prospect for your first but try not to over think it Hun. Whatever you decide to do, id Like to wish you all the best for you and your little one xx

  • Thanks so much for sharing MillP!! Glad you made a swift recovery from the PGP :-)

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