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Could labour be soon?!

so today I’ve had a dull ache in my lower tummy but had the most horrendous mid back ache all week. However, I’ve suddenly got an upset tummy and keep needing to dash to the loo! keep getting sudden cramps but don’t know if thats the upset tummy. I’m 38 weeks +1 and this is my first baby. Am I being just being an eager beaver to meet my baby? I just want to meet het now. 


  • Could be sighns everything thats going on now is ur body starting to prepare for labour at ur stage now as it really is just around the corner try some walking and ur bump will be hear when there ready and trust me i figured that 1 out the end u get desparete xxx

  • Everything’s back to normal again so I guess I’m just being impatient but I’m sooo excited 

  • I no the feeling im on my third  🙈 but just try to injoy the excitment and the last couple of weeks its very strange when that bump disappeares lol x

  • I’m getting so impatient! Like every little thing I’m like is this it?! But then nothing 😂 do you know what you having?x

  • I dont no yet in only 15 week but i have 2 girls 1 been 6 month lol and tryst me ur still doing that on ur secound there so many different ways ur labour can start mine been to completely opposite ways u will no when its really starting that saying is very true xx

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