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Birth stories please! I am being induced and terrified!!

I’m booked in to be induced next weekend on my due date. I’ll be 40 weeks. 

I am absolutely terrified of giving birth as it is but now even more so now I’m being induced as everyone tells me how it hurts more, takes longer and is much more intense. 

Before anyone says you don’t have to be induced. I know I don’t but I am as it’s safer for us both. It’s medical reason. 

I am absolutely terrified. To the point where I cry when I think about it and I’m losing sleep over it. I’m driving myself mad. 

I’m rubbish with pain, I have 0 tolerance what so ever. I know I can have a epidural but that’s not until I’m 5cm. 

I am currently 1cm dilated and he’s not fully engaged yet. My cervix is still high and thick if that’s any difference. 

Am I being stupid or is it really that bad?? 


  • Hi louiseva 

    Try not to worry i know easier said than done i was induced on my due date early morning about 9 once that is done and monitoring for half an hour your free to walk round the hospital. 

    So my pains didnt start until 11.30 at night which are like a period pain that gradually get stronger i was monitored again for 30 mins and given pain killers and managed to sleep until 4 and was then given diomorphine that lasted until about 6.30 and thats when the pains started coming on stronger but still bearable i was examined at 9.00 and was 3-4cms so time to go delivery suite didnt get there until 10.15 and was 5cms by then and pains very strong so was on gas and air which did help but after about an hour it got worse so asked for an epidural was just about to have it put in and i needed to push so was examined again to be shore and was 10cm after 3 pushes my daughter was born at 11.34. First pregnant aswel 

    There is other pain relief available before an epidural and people take the pain in different ways am sure every thing will be fine the nurses and midwives are amazing . 

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck x

  • Hi Louiseva, you're going to be meeting your baby very soon - you must be so excited! 
    We wanted to let you know, we have the loveliest Due in November 2018 thread where you can chat with other women due this month too. We promise you, you're not alone being scared! 

  • Hi Louiseva,

    With my Eldest daughter I started off naturally at 40+6, my contractions got more regular & intense & was admitted to the maternity suite & in the birthing pool 12hrs later...things seemed to be going well but after another 12hrs the water was doing nothing for my pain & I took gas & air. It was shortly after this that it was realised I was not dilating any further than 8cm so they broke my waters which had been in tact until this point...another 10hrs & I thought I was ready to push but I still hadn't dilated any further so I was taken to the delivery suite & attached to induction drip to assist my contractions. 

    I finally delivered her after 49hrs which included 2hrs of pushing her out. She was a perfect, healthy 9lbs baby. 

    With my next daughter 21mths later they had to break my waters yet again but this time she flew out after 29mins of them being broken. 

    My twins were an emergency section at 35wks after they thought I may have sepsis. 

    Yes, it's daunting having your labour forced into action & yes, it can become painful quite fast (though I actually recommend that over the 10 days worth of slow labour) but you will forget what you were so stressed about the moment that tiny bundle of joy is placed in your arms. Best wishes. X

  • Try not to worry it's not as bad as some peo make it out to be.. everybody labour is different you just have to stay calm and go with the flow.. 

    i was induced after been over due for 11 days baby just didn't want to come.. I was induced at 1 they monitored me and after that the nurse came in and told me the doctor is busy so I have to wait until I got the gel to start my contractions.. so decided to go for a walk. Not even 10 mins later BOOM contraction.. it wasn't that bad I just held onto my partner and took deep breaths until it past. By the time I got back up to the ward had 3 more. So they were coming so close together I didn't have time to catch my breath. Was put on gas and air and moves to a belivery suit.. 

    laboured all the way to 6cms and then I got the epidural. Becauee midwives changed over and lost all focus. 

    at 11.30 pm the checked me and I was 8cm and stopped dilating as there was to much cervix land I had the shakes and a temp and my pulse was dropping baby's heart rate was rising. So was rushed into have emergency c section.. everybody was lovely and put me at ease.. baby boy was born at 00.50 healthy and weighing 9lbs 5 oz

    main thing is to stay calm and not to panic.. good luck. You'll have your own story to tell soon enough 

  • You are already a mummy and would do anything for your baby and that includes being brave, strong and taking on whatever life throws at you. Listen to the midwife, yourself and the support from whoever you have by your side. You are going to smash it and your life will change for the better forever.

  • I was induced at 39+2 I had the pessary at 12 midday waters broke by themselves at 23:45 and I had given birth by 2am, only had paracetamol and codeine and gas and air as things moved to quickly to have the epidural. Baby was a healthy 7lb2oz x

  • i was induced with my 2nd, she was 2 weeks late. it was over within 6 hours. i personally thought it hurt a little more because the contractions came on  stronger and quicker than they did with my first born. but the plus side was it was over so quick......aslo i with being induced i wasn't allowed to moved around which i didn't like.

    but over all wasn't to bad and had a healthy 6.13lb baby girl 

  • Louiseva, we'd love to hear how your birth went? 

  • I was induced at 39 weeks due to age!, didn’t go into labour so my waters were broken. Still no labour, so put on the drip. Benefits (well, where we are anyway) were 1:1 constant monitoring so got to know the midwives well. I had an epidural and was only 2cm dilated, so I think it depends on individual situation. Mine was due to time (it was a long one!). Ended up with a c section. Officially an emergency as it wasn’t scheduled, but it was an agreed option.  It hasn’t put me off!!

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