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Awkward situation- due in 4 weeks, broke up with baby's daddy - who to have at the birth?

Looking for a bit of advice, since 3 months gone me and my kids dad split up it's been a rollercoaster so many ups and downs and my family have always been behind me 100% with everything.. I'm due my little Manny in 4 weeks and have no idea what to do about having someone in the room with me when I have him in due to be induced also and I've never been through that so no idea what to expect I'm not all the comfortable with my mum coming in the room with me is rather have his dad there or go it alone.. my parents and my ex do not get on because of what's been going on the past 6 months and I have no idea what to do not wanting to upset anyone xx. Any advice would be helpful


  • Honestly i'd say have your mum there with you, but if you don't have that kind of relationship, it might not be an option. Do you think your ex will be supportive and be able to take care of you while in labour? If you think he will, then ask him to be there, but if you think your mum would be more helpful, than reconsider asking her. You need support, and someone to hold your hand during labour - who would be best? 

  • He would be supportive as we have a 2 year old together and he was fantastic when I was in labour the first time. I don't have that kind of relationship with her I know I just wouldn't be comfortable at all and when your in labour the last thing you want is to be even more uncomfortable 🙈 I had spoken about going by myself but then my mum admitted that she would just come in the room regardless of my feelings which upset me quite a bit, they have done a lot for me over the last 6 months but then it's quickly thrown right back in my face as soon as something happens she doesn't agree with. I say my ex is gonna come and help so then she tells me I'll need to make other arrangements for someone to have my daughter because now she's mad, I've asked my ex to come because although we aren't together we are civil enough for it to be fine during the birth.

  • Oh dear, sounds like your problem here is with your mum. If your ex is happy to be at the birth, and i'm sure he will be cause who doesn't want to see their baby arriving, then is there anyone else you'd be happy to leave your daughter with? Sorry your mum is being so impossible, sounds like a nightmare, when all you need is her right now to say, sure, whatever you need. Maybe try talking to your mum? Asking for her support rather than throwing problems your way? 

  • He's more than happy to go I asked him last night and he was over the moon because he thought he was going to miss out. I can leave her with my friend and that would be absolutely fine, she spends a lot of time with my little one. I just needed my mum to be on board but nope it went so far as they weren't gonna take my little one or come to the hospital to see my little man because my ex would be there even though he has said he will leave the room after he's seen our son and daughter together but she wasn't happy with that either, I get Alot thrown in my face as they bought a lot which wasn't asked for and it seems to get very nasty and personal when something happens that she doesn't agree with even though I'm sure I can make my own decision by now lol

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