4weeks post csection recovery, really feeling unwell, how long til it gets better?

Just wondering how long it has taken ladies to cover from a csection?
I'm 4w + 5 days and feel worse these past few days, currently on antibiotics for infection too,
Stomach is still very sore and tender to the touch,
Ended up in doctors and A&E with this,
I'm a mum of five and this was my first csection and finding it all overwhelming to be honest 😒 thanks


  • All women vary with c-sections apparently, I was a rare find!

    I managed to get out the house and walk 2 miles with  A PRAM to go to town and buy formula, I didnt have any pains or anything, i did have stinging, and even 6 months by and still get the annoying twinge and ache if I do to much.

    You sound perfectly normal, accprding to every HV and doctor I saw! I wouldnt worry your be up and moving in no time. Some women get over it like nothing, and more often than not they are exactly like you.

    A nice warm bath is helpful and walking does actually do the trick if your up for it. However if you feel rally bad and unable to do anything, definately go to the doctor something inside may not be healing correctly!

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