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Could this be early labour?

Hi ladies! 

Im 40+1 with second baby. This pregnancy couldn’t be anymore different to my first. I’ve had many false alarms so really hard to tell.

Yesterday I had a surge of discharge (sorry) I also thought it was some show but midwife said it could of been from the attempted sweep I had the day before (she couldn’t do it properly as cervix was too high) she did say it was soft though! I’ve also had some creamy coloured discharge showing on 2 pads today.

 I woke up feeling exhausted this morning and ive had some really painful lightening daggers which have taken my breath away about 3-4 times. The last few hours I’ve had mild period type cramps (belly tightens only sometimes) but baby is also moving a lot so not sure if on a nerve or braxton hicks again. I also get a pain down my right leg when this period pain starts and a little round the back (right hand side)

could this be the start? Anyone had similar? hoping for an appearance! Thank you! Xx

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