C Section and Haematoma


Anyone suffered a haematoma post c section. I was in a lot of pain after surgery. Discharged day 3 and day 4 suffered blood loss gushing from wound

Last of my clips removed today and have 2 open areas which are still leaking

Anyone else had this problem would be interested to hear how well it heaked i am worried it will get worse now clips are out



  • Hey NurseJo, I had a section and a heamotoma which was very painful for a few months after. I didnt have any blood loss from the wound or clips. However I did have an small opening which was leaking, I had to go to the drs regarding it and they took a swab and I was put on antibiotics as they were concerned I had an infection in the wound. 

    I was admitted to hospital a few days later with an infection of my womb lining and spent a further 5 nights in hospital. I would say it took me a total of 3/4 months before I felt normal again and wasnt getting pain. 

    I would strongly suggest you go to your GP just to get the wound checked. I am pretty sure there shouldn't be any openings and there should be nothing oozing. 

    Good Luck x

  • Thanks for your reply

    I saw Gp yesterday and no sign of infection and having a second course antibiotics as a precaution. 1 wound has stopped leaking but the other is a 3cm cavity which is clean but needs packing which i can do myself as a community nurse and seeing practice nurse to review tomorrow

    Pain is minimal now just hope i am over the worst and doesnt take too long to heal Xx

  • Glad its been checked out and your on the mend. Hope you have a quick recovery as well. Its so hard trying to recover and look after yourself when you have a little one to take care of as well. x

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