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37 weeks today! TMI! But feels like baby moving in my actually vagina?

pregnant with my second baby,

so im 37 weeks today and have lost my mucus  about a week and a half ago, for the last week when I lay down And baby moves it feels like hes opening my vagina? TMI sorry but best way to explain it!,

I get some period like pains that come and go but arnt regular, and need to be legit every 10-15 minutes and when I go to sleep I wake up needing to pee like every 2 hours! Midwife hasn’t checked to see if dialating 

ANY idea what this is and why I’m feeling ds move in vagina ? 


  • Hey

    Sorry its a late reply only just came across your post.
    Yes! this happened to me at around 38weeks. It felt so uncomfortable and heavy. I was sat at a game of bingo in week 39 (i thought sod it, I will go play) - I stood up, and felt this horrendous dropping feeling in my vagina. I thought I was going to pass out.

    I headed home, and then three days later my waters broke whilst I took once bounce on a pregnancy ball! then had him 6 hours later. My midwife seemed to think I had been in slow labour from that bingo night!

    Good luck, hope baby has a safe arrival

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