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Induction Tomorrow 25/11/2018

Hi Ladies, I am being induced tomorrow and completely in panic which is making me want to be physically sick and I just keep crying, just looking for stories on others induction's which strangely Calm me down and little.


  • Hi Chloe, 

    Don't panic. I got induced with 3 of 4 of mine. (1st, 2nd & 4th) it's not all that bad. First of all in your hospital bag, put in a lip balm, few pairs of socks, and a bottle of water with a sports cap! My first 2 I was induced with the drip, my last was the vaginal gel. I got to hospital around 8am, booked me in, got settled in my bed on a Labour ward . Others around you will either be in labour, or just had their baby. And just looking at their little baby makes you feel so good. Like, omg, that's going to be me in 6 hours time..... take every step as it comes. Don't get me wrong, even with my 4th I was nervous too but you need to relax, you're in good hands. I got the gel inserted about 10 am. I got attached to the baby heart monitor, needed to stay there for a hour or so..... the pains started about 11am, not bad ones, by then I had no phone (8years ago) but try to occupy yourself with magazines. Watch programmes on your phone etc. Hopefully your partner will be with you, unlike mine who can't stand all that stuff!! (He's happy to do what it takes to put the baby in there though!!! Lol) My pains got bad by 3pm, I got taken down to delivery suite, by this time the pains were quite intense, asked for gas and air, then the midwife realised my baby was back to back which for them seemed a bit concerning, and told me it's gonna be a bit more difficult and longer than usual. But my baby girl was born at 4.45pm on Christmas day!! 

    You will have a wonderful birth!! Take lots of pictures for memories!! Good luck. If you want to ask anything go ahead!! Xx

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