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Iv'e heard that labour can be sore, what is it like really? Can anyone compare it to something?

Like, I'm not so bothered, I said to my mum that I wanted to a child anyways so I'll have to go through labour :) I mean, I just think that I have a worry with labour pains as I don't want it to hurt me or my baby in any way. :) If I have one.


  • You realise you'd be pushing a person out of your body right????
  • I’m on baby number 11, and I love the labour process, I have had natural labours with all of my children, apart from one emergency c section, after having a section I would give birth naturally any day, I’m up and about a few hours later. Everyone is different during labour and I’m not one for pain, but I’ve had good labours every time. Each to there own for pain relief, just listen to your body and go with it
  • With my first, it was horrendous, I am not going to lie to you. 30 painful hours until I’ve actually given birth. Contractions were all over the place, so painful, but the actual giving birth, I didn’t find it hard at all, the contractions I’ve had for 30 hours were far worse than the actual birth. Hopefully with my 2nd will be easier. :)
  • Hi, try not to worry about labour! It is painful but what do you expect lol... 14 hrs labour with my first and only 45 minutes with my second! On our third now and hoping for same labour as second. Generally first babies tend to take a lot longer, there's always pain relief and there's ways like staying upright, walking around that can help give birth quicker. xx
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